Event venue

Ciao e Benvenuto!

We want to welcome you to the heart of the eternal city. The venue is in a neighbourhood just a few steps from the Vatican. Ancient monuments and charming paved streets will delight you during the event in this food capital, amongst the Vespas and plazas filled with coffee shops. Mama Shelter is an a-typical and hip living space where everyone feels at home and finds their place. Mama will tell you her story of Rome. The venue will both spoil and inspire you.

Arriving at the location: Take the Metro A line directed to Battistini and exit at Cipro station; from there, it is a short 3-minute walk to the event venue, “Mama Shelter”.

Address: Via Luigi Rizzo, 20, 00136 Roma RM, Italië

  • Trendy and cosy

  • Rooftop for a Roman breeze

  • In the heart of Rome

  • Pure Italian style food

Welcoming words at the Atelier

Mama Shelter prepared a private room for the event, or as they call it: their Atelier. Benjamin El Doghaïli, head of Mama’s Design Studio, designed the atelier. He added his magic once again. Suppose you ask us, it's a perfect space for new ideas. When it’s time for a break, there is foosball, and Mama Shelter will take care of you with some Italian drinks and food.

At 16:00 the doors are open! Congratulazioni, You just arrived at the first international MODX Meet-up in Rome. You might see new or familiar faces, and start socializing while enjoying Italian drinks and snacks.

At 16:30 Annalisa will officially welcome you. She is the CEO of the Rome-based MODX agency Relactions, and this is her first time organizing and attending a MODX Meet-up. 


Aperitivo time at the Atelier

Italian-style; if you have ever visited Italy before you know that between 18:00 and 20:00, just before dinner, it is aperitivo time. An aperitivo is a drink and a small bite before dinner. This is an idyllic way to catch up between talks with like-minded people and have time to proses all the information. 

Suggestion: Try a refreshing spritz, an Italian cocktail made with chilled prosecco, Aperol, and a fresh orange wedge.


Travel tips?

So if you come from abroad, why not make it a weekend? If you need more suggestions on your stay in Rome.

See the travel tips

Rooftop Dinner

At approximately 20:15 we'll finish the last talk. Annalisa will tell you her experience on all the amazing talks, and great people she met. What did she think of her first MODX Meet-up? Is this the first of more to come? 

The event is not over jet. Most Italians eat their dinner between 20:00 and 22:00, and so are we. We'll have time to sit down together and socialize on the roof terrace while the staff of Mama Shelter serve us an Italian-style dinner.



You will get a drink from us, and the roof terrace will open until after midnight. So enjoy a warm autumn evening and amaze the view with our favourite Italian cocktail. Not in for a cocktail order vinoor, or birra . There will be music, arouse yourself with great people and vivere Roma.


Get your tickets

Don't let the event pasta you by. We recommend booking your tickets early as the event is limited to only 50 seats. Tickets are available for €35 + 21% VAT.


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