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Event hosts

Annalisa Ballaira

Bas Mentink

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Doors are open. Enjoy some Italian drinks & snacks


Annalisa will open the event with some welcoming words


Gauke Pieter on AI in web development and content management


Roel on a different approach of templating in MODX


Pause for "aperitivos"


Dimitri on MODX as your warehouse backbone


Open mic: Showcase your project or ask the audience anything 


Annalisa will tell you about her first MODX Meetup followed by dinner and drinks on the roof terrace

  • Latest insights on MODX

  • International community

  • For content managers

  • For developers

AI & Security

Two topics are gathering a lot of buzz in the world right now: AI and security. The two speakers will share their experiences with both AI and security. You'll leave Rome with valuable tips and tricks for your daily workflow.

AI started with ChatGPT, and the buzz ranged from "Oh no, AI is taking over the world" to "There is no intelligence at all in AI; it is useless!". Both can be true, but it depends on your expectations. Gauke will show you how Sterc Online Agency uses AI to support them with coding, writing, and design.

Security is another hot topic. In this talk, you'll learn how to harden your website, how to test this yourself, and how to teach your customers to keep a website secure from a content manager's perspective.

- Gauke Pieter Sietzema 

You know templating in MODX, don't you?

When building a site in MODX, we use templates to build pages. Consider a different approach to templating by using the powerful PDOTools and the lightweight templating engine Fenom. You can speed up the development process by removing database overhead and utilizing PHP functions directly in your template. The combination of these powerful tools allows for a different approach to templating, resulting in a more efficient and lightweight process.

- Roel Zeilstra

MODX, your warehouse backbone

MODX is an exceptional content management system (CMS), no doubt about it. But what if I told you that MODX has a wealth of untapped potential beyond traditional CMS capabilities? We will explore the exciting possibilities that MODX offers as a Content Management Framework (CMF).

In this talk, we'll venture into uncharted territory, discovering how to harness MODx's formidable power to do more than manage content. We'll delve into how MODx can be the backbone for generating warehouse slip PDFs within an application seamlessly integrated through a REST API. Moreover, we'll explore how you can leverage MODx's REST capabilities to handle user data within your application effectively.

Our journey will include a dive into a straightforward yet elegant PDF solution using the Headless Chrome browser. So, get ready to unlock the true potential of MODx as we embark on this exciting exploration of its capabilities beyond CMS.

- Dimitri Hilverda

Open Mic and Q&A

Showcase your project or ask the audience for their opinion.


We found an amazing venue

In the heart of the eternal city. The venue is in a neighbourhood just a few steps from the Vatican. Join us at the roof terrace for a Roman breeze and refreshments.

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